How to prepare for a college scholarship interview?


I have an interview for a huge college scholarship from a small private college this weekend. Is there anyway to prepare, or can anyone give me tips who have done this sort of thing before? I’ll be competing against other students for it, so I have to do a good job!




Here’s a few tips:
-Be confident and enthusiastic – show that you want the scholarship!
-Be prepared!
-Smile when you meet your interviewers and shake their hand firmly.
-Be on time – come 20 minutes early.
-Practice possible questions before the interview (Why do you deserve this scholarship?, etc.)
-Remember to turn off your phone.
-Be knowledgable about the college and the scholarship.
-Have a resume on hand.
-Dress nicely – business casual, perhaps?

Good luck!


Be loose, bring along a book of comic strips (I recommend Far Side) to read right before it. It is fine to be nervous, but if it shows make a joke about it. And most importantly know everything that you talk about, and especially do reasearch on the school and scholarship in question. Tell them why you need the scholarship (if applicable), why the school is a good fit for you, and how the scholarship would allow you to go there. Everything the first person wrote is good too.

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